My name is not William Tallman.

Tallman is the name I took when my family and I entered the “Reptoid Protection Program.” That’s where they put reptilians like me who betray their species. To “protect” us. But I came forward too late to stop what happened. I was afraid, and by hesitating I may have caused… well, you know the rest.

The material on this website is the story of Krel Irontail, formerly known as “Reptilis Rex,” emperor of the Hollow Earth and current fugitive from justice. Of course, I have already related this account to the human authorities many times over the years, and everyone knows the story already. But it is my hope that, by writing it all down, someone somewhere will stumble across a small detail even the police and military have missed and bring this despicable criminal to justice.

Krel Irontail is still out there somewhere. This is his story.