Hello! This is me, talking to you.

I wanted to tell you that it is time for yours truly to stretch his legs a little bit, so the next few weeks will see some changes in Reptilis Rex. Firstly, the schedule will be changing from “Monday – Thursday” to “Sporadic!” I added the exclamation point in there to soften the blow. Did it work? Hooray!!!! Part of the reason for this is because my family is going to be growing by one in the next few months, and I know that, for a while at least, time will be a commodity I simply don’t have enough of. Like money, or self esteem! Secondly, (and this is the stretching legs part), I wanted to try out a larger format, and that means more work, which means not-so-daily updates. But it is my hope that the expanded format will allow me to tell bigger, better stories. My goal is to update at least twice a week with double-sized strips, but we will see how that goes. Make sure to subscribe to the RSS feed and the official Twitter for updates whenever a new strip becomes available for looking at with your face holes. Quality not quantity, right? Ha ha! Exclamation points!!!!

Thank you for your patience and your continued readership. I have lots of ideas and stories for Reptilis Rex still to come, and I hope you’ll stick around through the growing pains.